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American Airlines is one of the largest American Airlines that provides service at both domestic and international levels. More than 6,800 flights fly to different destinations and it is one of the fastest-growing airlines when measures by total passengers flown, a total number of destinations served, fleet size, revenue, etc. American Airlines Flight flies to more than 350 destinations across 50 countries and counting. It is also the key founder of some of the largest airline alliances like –One world Alliance. American Airlines has 10 different hubs with Dallas being the largest hub among them. American Airlines is one of the most trusted airlines in the world, it handles more than 5, 00,000 passengers every day and is widely celebrated for providing services at a reasonable rate. Reward yourself with AAdvantage- a frequent flier program launched by American Airlines. Earn extra flier program every time you choose to fly with American Airlines flights, redeem your points for upgraded seats, discounted re3ntals and upgraded services for your upcoming trips.

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